Election Questions

Why am I not able to open the ballot?

We’re getting great interest in voting for employees nominated for the Employee Council, thanks everyone. We’ve received a number of calls and emails from individuals stating that after they log into the voting site, they are not able to open the ballot. The Employee Council represents exempt employees, faculty, and non-exempt employees that are not represented by the collective bargaining agreement. Under the collective bargaining agreement, AFSCME is the exclusive representative of all non-exempt employees EXCEPT for supervisors, managers, confidential employees, sworn police officers, and employees employed outside the State of New Mexico. With this in mind, the voting site was set up to only allow access to the ballot by non-exempt employees that are not eligible to be represented by AFSCME. I apologize for the confusion and frustration that many employees may have experienced trying to vote. I hope this helps clarify the process. If you have additional questions, please email empcouncil@nmsu.edu.

Why is the person I nominated not listed on the ballot?

The Employee Council Bylaws restrict membership to one representative per employee classification (i.e. faculty, exempt, non-exempt) per Banner summary org.  If there is already an existing member representing the same employee classification and summary org, then that nominee was removed and notified that they are not currently able to serve.

In addition, non-exempt employees represented by a collective bargaining unit are not eligible to serve as a voting/alternate member of Employee Council.  Only those non-exempt employees who are supervisors, managers, confidential employees, sworn police officers, and those employed outside the State of New Mexico are eligible for Employee Council Membership.

I am a non-exempt employee and do not pay Union dues, why am I not eligible for Employee Council membership?

Even though you do not choose to participate or pay dues, as an included non-exempt employee you are represented by the Collective Bargaining Unit.  Per Article 3, Section 1 the agreement recognizes the Union as the exclusive representative of included non-exempt employees. 

Included – Regular non-probationary full-time and part-time non-exempt employees employed within the state of New Mexico.

Excluded – Supervisors, managers, and confidential employees as defined by the NMSU Labor Management Relations Resolution; sworn police officers; employees employed outside the State of New Mexico; and any other employees who do not fall within the group of “included” employees defined above.

However, even though the agreement does not allow you to serve as a voting/alternate representative of Employee Council, you are encouraged and welcome to attend any or all Employee Council meetings and provide input.  Meetings are open to all employees.

I know I am only able to login to the ballot one time.  Can I view the list of nominees prior to logging in to vote?

Yes, please go the Employee Council Website and click on Election Information and you will be able to view all the candidates.