Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Staff Award Nomination Form

  • Nominations are currently being sought for the Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Staff Award. This year the award will be presented to a nonexempt employee who meets the criteria listed below. Nominations will be accepted no later than September 14, 2018.

    Established in 1983, an annual cash award is provided from the Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Endowment fund in recognition of dedicated, outstanding service to the university. The NMSU Employee Council has the final responsibility for the selection of the recipient for this award.

    Eligibility criteria for nominees: 1) Non-faculty status and not a member of either Administrative Council or Academic Dean’s Council. 2) Five or more consecutive years of service with the university. In addition, the following traits are desirable for employees to become nominees for this award:

    • A highly motivated person who is a self-starter.
    • A person who exhibits dedication to the university.
    • A person who will remain at the university after receiving the award and serve to influence others through behavior that exemplifies sincerity, motivation, and dedication.
    • A person who not only performs a specific job, but who serves the university and community as a responsible citizen.
  • This form has been developed by a committee of the NMSU Employee Council to assist administrative units in selecting worthy nominees for this fine award.

  • Nominee Information

  • Nominator Information

  • Nomination Details

  • Please complete this form, describing examples of nominee’s work-related performance that exceeds expectations and is worthy of recognition.

  • Specify how nominee takes initiative and exhibits dedication, reliability, and dependability;meets deadlines; takes responsibility; balances quality and quantity of work.
  • Examples: demonstrates knowledge of job requirements, skills, techniques, and procedures;keeps current on changes in technical knowledge; expands knowledge of job and how it relates to other jobs.
  • Examples: acts as part of a team, practices two-way communications, leads by example, develops subordinates, pleasant with other employees, students, and the general public.
  • Examples: recognizes problems, analyzes causes or problems, generates alternative approaches,establishes work priorities, handles pressure, evaluates results, and organizes people and materials to reach goals.
  • Examples: of service and citizenship in the university and community.
  • You may wish to describe noteworthy accomplishments or exemplary behavior demonstrated by the nominee in performing his or her assigned tasks.